Ride Routes


Yes, you can ride whatever route that you choose.  Route selection at registration is for planning purposes.  However, based on your capabilities, if you can’t complete a 100 kilometer (62 mile) ride in 6 hours or less, please pick a shorter course so that you won’t miss out on lunch.

Your bib number is your identifier.  Each bib number has an Angel’s Hands Foundation logo attached.  You will need to have your bib number for ride support.  It will also be your ticket for lunch after the ride.

Unfortunately, we have lost our connection to the Bicycle Center due to COVID-19 and the sale of the company.  With that, there won’t be a bike giveaway this year!

The courses are marked with arrows on the ground before each intersection and at numerous intervals.  25 mile course = Blue Arrow

50 mile course = Yellow Arrow

100 K course = Orange Arrow

Eagle Mountain Blvd. and West Cedar Ford Rd.

  • Stop #1 100K route

Inlet Park on North Saratoga Road

  • Stop #1 – 50 mile route
  • Stop #2 – 100K route

Mountain View Corridor, north of Porter Rockwell Blvd.

  • Stop #1 – 25 mile route
  • Stop #2 – 50 mile route
  • Stop #3 – 100 K route

Lunch will be available from 1100 am – 3:30 pm at the park.  Please plan you ride distance with that in mind!